Remove Website from WP Comment Form

WP Remove Website from Comment Form

Our today’s topic “Remove Website from WP Comment Form”. Most of time you don’t like the unknown website links on your WordPress websites. As, we don’t know the content available on the third party websites. There are numerous ways in which visitors can post their own website’s links on your WordPress website. Comment Form is one of them, as WordPress offers visitors comment form with three fields i.e Name, Email & Website.

Though, the website’s link in the comment form of WordPress has “nofollow” meta tag, still you don’t want the link to be there. One major issue with WordPress website’s comment form is “Spam Comments”. You’ll have huge spam comments if you don’t remove website’s field from comment form. Therefore, removing the url field is also helpful to reduce spam comments. You can also block WordPress spam comments completely easily with free plugins.

How to Remove Website from WP Comment Form

How to Remove Website from WP Comment Form

There are numerous ways to remove website’s field from WP comment system e.g using plugins & adding filter to “Theme Functions (functions.php)” file. You’ll know the both ways with pros & cons, you can adopt any of them according to your own choice.

1. Using Plugin Remove Website URL Field from WP Comment System

You can remove the URL field by using many of WP commenting plugins e.g wpDiscuz, AnyComment. With these WP comment plugins you can design comment form according to your own choice. (See Photos for wpDiscuz plugin below)

Both of these plugins are best for WP comment system. You can add / remove comment fields according to your own choice. You can design WP comment forms to match your theme’s color scheme or anything else.

In case you want to remove only Website field, you can use “Comment Link Remove and Other Comment Tools” plugin. You’ll have the following options for comment system.

2. Adding Filter to Functions File to Remove Website URL Field from WP Comment System

Another way to remove Website field from comment form is to add filter into your WordPress website theme’s functions.php file. For this you need to open your website theme’s functions.php file & add the following lines at the end of the file;

add_filter('comment_form_default_fields', 'unset_url_field');
function unset_url_field($fields){
       return $fields;

After adding the filter you’ll notice, there is no more website’s field in your WordPress website’s comment form.


You’ve seen, you can remove the website URL field from WordPress comment form easily with or without using plugins. Both ways do the right job, but there is only one difference between both i.e in case your theme got update, plugins still keep doing the job. But, after updating your theme, you’ll have to add filter again into your theme’s functions.php file. Although, if you’ve child theme, you don’t need add it again.

That’s all about “Remove Website from WP Comment Form”. In case of further queries, feel free to comment or contact us.

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